Learning With Leisure!

Schole International Academy

 Learning With Leisure!

Learning begins at cradle and school plays a very functional part in the overall development of a child’s learning and grooming. The best learning is not just based on the four walls of the traditional classroom. Children these days are taught outside the classroom and given hands-on experience to engage themselves in spaces where thFrom ey can learn and explore in the physical environment. It’s important that the educational institutions should establish spaces and provide platforms where kids can engage freely and reap the best learning outcome from their surrounding and real-time experiences.

“Children hear and might forget, but they remember when they see and understand when they do.”

The best learning takes place in an open environment and children who are exposed to the physical learning environment and get an access to resources, are the best learners and shows the best academic performances. Playgroup schools to elementary school and high schools, as  more of school statistics emerges and research shows that school size, environmental factors and the school facilities with resources used during teaching and learning contribute the best towards student achievement, cognitive learning skills and development of a child and imparts the best teaching performance from their teachers.

Schole International Academy is established to provide the best means of education to our young minds with the interactive learning spaces and purpose-made campus. We aim to provide facilities where learning means leisure for kids; they love to explore and love to learn in a playful and friendly atmosphere.

Among the fantastic array of facilities that Schole offers, it features state-of-the-art air-conditioned classrooms with smart boards, swimming pool with UV protective roof, massive indoor game based play area, natural spaces to explore and experiment, art room, robotics, science and computer laboratories, Arabic and Mandarin language classes, kindergarten kitchen, sports facilities and our mothers can keep themselves fit with our gym facilities while waiting for their little ones.

Thus, a campus built with the most admired and unique facilities, where kids love the Indoors and outdoors that develop their motor and creative skills thereby.

At Schole International Academy the best school in Karachi, each child is so much indulged in fun-filled activities, immersive hands-on experiences of learning, craftsmanship and conception skills that they don’t even realize they are actually learning.

Children at Schole love to learn and want to learn and can’t stay away from school once being part of our environment.