Inquiry-based Concept driven Curriculum


At Schole International Academy we provide a highly effective and motivating learning environment that is responsive to the students voice. We are aware that these young people will shape the future of this country and equip them with the skills, knowledge, opportunities and abilities that foster learning beyond the classroom. Our aim is to motivate and inspire a love of learning which lasts well beyond school life. Schole encourages its students to work independently, pursue their interests, read extensively and approach new knowledge with an analytical and critical view. Students at Schole are given a diverse range of opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities both at the campus as well as off campus. We prepare students to contribute and succeed in a rapidly changing society, respond to challenges and reach their full potential.

Qualified & IB Certified Staff

Here at Schole, students are privileged to be taught by a team of highly qualified teachers who are passionate about teaching and learning. We invest in the continuing professional development of all of our staff and this has clear benefits for students who learn from exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable teachers.

Teaching & Learning Environment

Teachers work meticulously to create a teaching and learning environment that allows all students to reach their potential in every area of school and life. Not only do teachers foster a lifelong love for learning within the students, but the wide range of teaching strategies they employ encompasses both subject-specific expertise and innovative teaching practices
Effective collaboration between teachers, peers, and parents ensures that students take responsibility for their own learning and develop a work ethic that leads to success both in the classroom and beyond.