Abdullah Akhtar
Head of School

Abdullah’s educational background spans from a BSC Honours in Computer Science from LUMS followed by an MSc in Business Finance from Brunel University, London. After graduation Abdullah went on to explore entrepreneurial opportunities within his family business, Akhtar Group. The group runs a diverse portfolio and touches on everything from garments, weaving, energy, dairy and poultry. Spearheading the group’s latest venture in education, Abdullah aims to inspire young
minds by providing a modern, relevant and quality education. He hopes to use Schole International Academy as a platform and springboard for change within the educational sector of

Sonia Longi
As a seasoned educator with nearly three decades of diverse global experience, Ms. Sonia brings a wealth of knowledge and innovation to her role as School Principal.
Her career spans prestigious institutions across Middle East and Karachi, where she has consistently delivered an education that transcends traditional boundaries.
She plays a pivotal role in developing her staff by providing opportunities for professional development and growth. Whether it’s through membership programs, workshops, or collaborative projects, she ensures that her tem has the support and resources they need to excel.
Khadija Bilkhawala
Head of Programmes
Khadija Bilkhawala is an IB Evaluation Leader, Workshop leader, Program leader, Reader, and Examiner. She is also the founder of EDvolve360, a teacher training, and school consultancy firm. In her 17 years of experience in the education sector, she has been part of not just the IB but also the Cambridge system which allowed her to gauge the needs of the teachers as well as the students. Khadija is currently working as the Head of Programmes at Schole International Academy. Previously, she has worked in IB schools in various roles and programmes allowing her to develop a deeper understanding of the various components of the IB programmes and how they can be integrated to provide a holistic education to students. Khadija has played a significant role in promoting the IB system by conducting sessions on understanding IB and its elements for non-IB stakeholders in Pakistan.
Naz Ayaz
EY Coordinator
Naz Ayaz is Certified for Teaching English to the Students of Other Languages (CTESOL) from Hong Kong. She has experience of working in Primary years in International schools in Singapore and Hong Kong and in Pakistan like Reflections, Beaconhouse, Lecole, and CAS. In her years of teaching and coordination, she has developed a great deal of knowledge in dealing with young children.
Chandni Saigol Khan
PYP Coordinator

Chandni Saigol Khan started her journey in education as a Montessori Directress in 2008. She believes in the innate goodness of every child and their right to a life that facilitates the opportunity to flourish at their utmost potential. She believes that a quality education, supportive pastoral care and an enabling environment can motivate every child to perform at their best every day. Chandni is currently serving as the Primary Years Programme Coordinator at Schole International Academy and has been a part of Schole since its inception in 2017. She previously served as the Early Years Coordinator. She particularly enjoys listening to children’s stories and watching them play, both opportunities for their creativity and imagination to shine through. She believes that the IB Philosophy is the only way forward so that these children can live in a tolerant, respectful and peaceful world in the future.

Sidra Aqeel
MYP Coordinator
With 12 years of experience in Cambridge and 4 years in IB MYP IBDP programs, Sidra is a seasoned educator. Throughout her career, she has showcased a strong commitment to excellence, taking on various leadership roles such as Literacy Coordinator and Head of Department for IBMYP  IBDP Languages. In her capacity as an IBMYP Language Literature and IS facilitator, as well as a Personal Project Coordinator, she bring passion to her teaching that inspires both students and colleagues. Her dedication to continuous learning is evident through her certifications in IB, CAT3,Toddle TIES, and active participation in literacy workshops. She is enthusiastic about contributing to our school community, aiming to create engaging and enriching learning environments.
Masoom Hussain
Research Facilitator
Ms. Masoom Hussain, a dedicated and accomplished educator with a passion for nurturing young minds. Her journey as an educator began with her Bachelors degree in Psychology and Sociology,followed by a solid foundation in science through her Higher Secondary Education in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. She honed her teaching skills overseas, earning an Edexcel Teacher Training and participating in IB Professional Development. With an additional background in Business Management, she possesses a unique blend of business acumen and teaching expertise. Ms. Masoom Hussains dedication to education and her international experience have led her to serve as an educator and in leadership roles across various institutions.
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